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Christijan Albers interview

The Dutchman was interviewed after his maiden Formula Nippon test with Cosmo Oil Cerumo at Motegi on 7th/8th December 2000. Albers was 13th overall in the test.

NB. This interview has been translated from Japanese and is therefore not entirely accurate. One question and answer is not clear!


What is the purpose to participate in the test you have done? Do you plan to enter Formula Nippon in 2001? Or, is the purpose to acquire the experience?

"...There is a possibility to enter International F3000 in Europe though I'm seriously thinking about participation [in Formula Nippon] too. I enjoy testing. The circuit, the car and the staff are good. However, nothing has been decided at the current stage."

Did the test at this time have the offer from the team? Or, was the negotiation started from you?

"The talk came from the team, and the test contract was exchanged. There were a lot of troubles on the test first day (the seventh). The troubles occurred with the brakes and with the gearbox, and I want to run neatly in the session in the afternoon of the second day (the eighth)."

The difference with car of International F3000?

"It differs considerably. It is not possible to say in one sentence. The tyres and power are different, and the chassis, the grip and all are different."

Did you run by setting up my favor (?) [Did you drive with a set-up to your liking??]

"I ran for the first time in the car and on the circuit with the setup that the team had decided. [It] ran because of the first time the car and the circuit first by the setup which the team had decided. After that, if to what result because [it] being not able to run so much it do not run in the afternoon of the second day, the first day is not understood though was suited one's taste me only a little." (?????)

The plan for next year?

"I want to be interested in Formula Nippon, and to run. However, I will be searching for various possibilities, and will run where I decide where the conditions are the best."

Original translated article provided by Nicolas Korzan.